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How I Send Mail

By John Davis June 7th 2024

How I Send Mail, image of mail through DHL shipping center near me and DHL Express servicepoint near me with Canpar tracking and DHL Tracking

The 4 Stages of Shipping from Canada

Discover the Essentials of Shipping: Finding a Courier, Locating a Shipping Point, Filling Out Your Information, and the Final Step—Pay and Ship

Step 1: Compare Couriers

Comparing rates online is crucial to ensure you get the best rate for your envelope. Here are some top options to consider.

DHL: Known for reliable international and domestic shipping services.

DHL Express: Specializes in fast, time-sensitive deliveries worldwide.

FedEx: Offers various shipping options, including overnight for shipments in North America.

UPS: Provides a range of domestic and international shipping solutions.

Canada Post: A cost-effective option for domestic shipments within Canada.

Step 2: Prepare Information

What to Prepare?

Your Info

Recipient Info

Full Name

Address & Postal Code

Contact Information

Package Dimensions



Package Value



Step 3: Find a Location

Once you have chosen your courier, the next step is to locate a convenient service point location Here’s how you can find a suitable location:

  • Canada Post Offices - They are widely available throughout Canada. 

  • FedEx Stores - FedEx offers multiple shipping locations, including standalone stores and drop boxes. 

  • UPS Access Points and Customer Centers - UPS Access Points are convenient local shops where you can ship.

  • Purolator Shipping Centers and Drop Boxes - Purolator provides several drop-off points for sending packages

Stage 4: Pay and Ship

​Complete the shipping process by finalizing your payment and dispatching your parcel. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Confirm Details: Verify all shipping information.

  • Payment: Pay using an accepted method (credit card, debit, or cash).

  • Receive Tracking: Obtain a receipt and tracking number to follow your package's journey.

  • Send Off: Your package is now ready to be shipped to its destination.

Accepted Payment Methods at our
DHL Express Locations

VISA Credit Card

MasterCard Credit Card

American Express Credit Card

Discover Credit Card

Cash (certain locations)

Bonus Tip 

Make sure to take a picture of your shipment label. 

It contains your Waybill number which can be used to track your parcel shipment.

Once you have your waybill number go to DHL Express Tracking to make sure your shipment arrives on time

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DHL Express trusted?

DHL Express shipping typically takes 1-3 business days for most international destinations. This fast delivery time makes DHL Express a reliable option for urgent shipments.

How long is DHL Express shipping?

DHL Express shipping typically takes 1-3 business days for most international destinations. This fast delivery time makes DHL Express a reliable option for urgent shipments.

Does DHL Express require signature?

Yes, DHL Express typically requires a signature upon delivery to ensure secure receipt of the package. This adds an extra layer of security and confirms that the package has been delivered to the correct recipient.

How long does DHL Express take from China to Canada?

DHL Express usually takes anywhere from 2-5 business days to ship to China from Canada. Depending on parcel type, weekday and holidays times may differ.

What is the fastest international shipping?

The fastest international shipment is generally through DHL Express for most countries around the world. DHL Express offers shipment to 220 countries and territories

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